Karbonetiq takes CO2 from the air and converts it to stone using waste minerals, the sun and wind.

Unique design
Truly modular

Gigaton CO2 removal

Rapidly deployable
Low capital cost

95% Additional
Best in class additionality

Our Techonology Enables Lowest Cost Solution

Karbonetiq addresses three primary challenges associated with Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology and proposes innovative solutions to each. First, we tackle the issue of moving air for CO2 capture by utilizing natural forces like the sun and wind, thus avoiding the need for powered fans and reducing operational costs. Second, we confront the high energy demand of traditional DAC methods, which involve capturing CO2 with sorbents and extensive processing.

Instead, this approach uses minerals that directly and permanently sequester CO2, significantly lowering energy requirements and costs. Lastly, it eliminates the need for the repeated use and regeneration of CO2 binding sorbents, a process that typically involves complicated equipment and control. By using waste minerals in a once-through system, the solution simplifies the DAC process and further cuts costs, making it a more sustainable and economically viable option for carbon sequestration.

We are helping to decarbonize heavy industries such as steel making by using lowcost mineral handling equipment retrofitted with CO2-capture technology to permanently mineralize co2, safely locking away carbon.

Business Model

Connecting mineral owners with CO2 credit buyers via our Karbolith TM direct air mineralization aeration technology. To learn more …


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