Mineralizing carbon
dioxide for good

Jump-start gigaton carbon removal using reactive
industrial waste minerals

Second Karbolith™ is now operational at the Scrubgrass Plant.

Turning CO2 into stone is the most secure way to permanently store carbon. It’s how the earth has done it for billions of years. Every year industry produces billions of tons of mineral waste, our mission is simple: use this reactive waste in low-cost scalable equipment to rapidly mineralize CO2.

Our offerings

Minerals to Carbonates

We combine high-throughput, low-cost mineral processing equipment with state-of-the-art carbonation technology.

Versatile CO2 Capture

We can use a variety of minerals to capture CO2 directly from atmosphere.

Expert Site Matching

We match CO2 removal needs with our deep knowledge of sites suitable for mineralization.

Frequently asked questions


What is mineralization of CO2?

The process of mineralizing CO2 involves capturing the CO2 and reacting it with minerals to form stable, insoluble compounds that can be stored permanently without the risk of reentering the atmosphere. This process is known as mineral carbonation and it mimics the natural process by which CO2 is removed from the atmosphere over millions of years.


What kinds of minerals can Karbonetiq use with their technology?

We can use a variety of minerals generated from heavy industry and power production. These include slags, ashes, cement waste, mine tailings, legacy minerals impounded in landfills, and other minerals.